artist statement

In life and in art I learn from nature - shapes and colors, but above all - the mechanisms of coexistence, diversity, tolerance and patience.


I work almost exclusively with paper and fabric. I transform them by exploring their plastic potential. I also create new ones using materials from my garden. I am fascinated extracting fibers and dyes from plants and using them in  painting, screenprinting and sculptural/textile making.



My background as a set designer helps me see the fluidity of artistic works.  Illustrations and pattern designs intersect and mix/contaminate each other in search of harmony and dialogue between proportions, volumes and purposes. This led me to create soft mini sculptures. I made contemporary textile jewelry and folding sculptures by techniques commonly used when working with paper.


Currently, I am exploring the potential of natural fibers and dyes in the production of children's toys- not as a nostalgic reflection of the past, but as an added value, an alternative and symbiotic mode with new technologies.

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